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'Hairy selfie nails' are both impressive and creepy

/ Source: TODAY

Gone are the days when manis were one hue. Although we still love a classic polish (there’s a reason nude nails are timeless), these days, designs run the gamut — from jewel-encrusted to ombre. But the latest talon trend is perhaps the most hair-raising to happen to fingertips since, well, ever.

From the wonderfully creative mind of nail artist Dain Yoon comes what can only be described as “hairy selfie nails.” Over the weekend, the talented, Seoul, South Korea-based illusion artist posted pics of her terrifying talons on Instagram (scroll through to see all the spookiness) and Twitter.

Both creepy and fascinating at the same time, this look is clearly not for the faint of heart. And we’re not sure what’s scarier: Yoon’s undeniable talent or the “The Ring”-esque tips themselves.

Each digit flaunts a different selfie of her face. And let’s not forget to mention the weirdly realistic long black hair affixed to her cuticles.

“I want my works to be very unique and special, and to create optical illusions,” she told TODAY Style. “I’ve always been interested in people and have desired to express multidimensional perspectives that humans possess. That’s why I painted my different facial expressions. I chose to use my own body as the canvas, because I believe that conveying my perceptions through my body would be most effective.”

Not surprisingly these nightmarish nails immediately went viral. And folks on social media had mixed reactions. “Creepiest thing I've ever seen but top marks for imagination,” wrote one Twitter user. “Woah! Got my attention. Creative and horrifying! Imagine being handed a drink by those little things,” commented another.

Safe to say Yoon has serious skills! But we liken this daring design to haute couture fashion or avant-garde art. It’s certainly eye-catching, but not totally wearable.

Would you rock these unnerving nails?