Meet the DadBag, the hairy belly fanny pack we're not sure the world needs

/ Source: TODAY

It may be hard to stomach at first, but a fashion designer has used the look of a dad bod as inspiration for a functional accessory.

The Dadbag, designed by British art designer Albert Pukies, appears —to all who can stand to look at it — like a hairy man's belly.

Aside from the novelty appeal, the idea is that the Dadbag can provide security — because what would-be thief would put their hands on an exposed belly?

But Pukies told London's Metro that he had less utilitarian motives for creating the fanny pack, or "bum bag" as its called on his side of the pond.

"I made the DadBag because I’m desperate to have a dad bod but I’m also very concerned about the health risks associated with it," he told the newspaper. "The solution is quite simple, a bumbag with a proper dad belly printed on it. Now I can put on a dad bod whenever I feel like it and even store my valuables in it."

Pukies told Mashable there is already interest from manufacturers, only days after he uploaded the images on social media. He added that he may go the Kickstarter campaign route to finance production himself.

The proposed product comes in six styles, varying by skin tone, level of flabbiness and amount of hair. Overly tight t-shirt not included.