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Hairspray for what? 8 weird-but-cool uses for your beauty products

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Not surprisingly, beauty editors aren't the only ones resorting to beauty products in home-improvement emergencies. But what might surprise you are all the creative ways makeup artists, hairstylists and other beauty junkies use their favorite products for quick fixes.

Check out just how you can use beauty products for household problems and say buh-bye to Home Depot and hello Sephora!

Fix car dents with your blow dryer

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Here's a tip that will freshen up your ride quicker than a trip to the carwash. If you have a dent in your car that's on a metal panel (like your trunk, roof, hood, doors or fenders), you can fix it with your blow dryer. Just blast the dent on medium heat for about a minute until the paint feels warm, then reach behind the dent and push it out. Hold it in place for another minute while it cools and there you go — good as new! (Source: Total Beauty New York Editor Dawn Davis)

Hairspray removes stains

Hairspray can remove everything from hair color stains to last night's spilled Shiraz. Just mist the stain with hairspray and blot until it's gone. (Source: celebrity colorist Marco Pelusi)

Get rid of rust with nail polish

Coat the undersides of your metal soap dishes or shower products with a layer of clear nail lacquer to keep rust from forming and ruining your bathtub. (Source:


Try Vaseline for that shabby chic paint look

If you want a photograph frame or cabinet to have that weathered look you could: A.) wait a few years for the paint to actually start chipping or B.) try this awesome Vaseline trick. Just slather Vaseline on the wood where you want it to look distressed (avoid any areas you'd like to keep looking pristine), then apply a top coat of paint. Once the paint is dry, sand off the Vaseline splotches (they'll be easy to spot since they'll be raised). The paint in those areas will come right off when you sand, giving you a chipped-paint look immediately. (Source:

Polish silver with toothpaste

You don't need to score silver polish; Simply squirt a bit of regular white toothpaste to polish any silver you have. Just don't use a gel or whitening formula — they won't do the trick. (Source: Good Housekeeping)

Dust your keyboard with your eyeshadow brush

Those little nooks and crannies in your keyboard can get filled with crud (especially if you snack at your desk). But a quick swipe with a makeup brush can help you get between the keys and clean dirt out. Be sure to use an old brush — or wash it thoroughly before tossing it back in your makeup bag. (Source:

Polish wood and leather with baby oil

Use baby oil to polish wood furniture or even your leather purse and boots. It'll give it a nice shine, remove water stains, and even give the wood a waterproof barrier. Bonus: It'll smell fresh. (Source:

Eyeliner makes a great pen

Need to jot down a phone number while out and about? Grab a lip or eyeliner — it'll work just as well. Just don't use lipstick, since that can break easily. (Source: makeup artist and author of "StyleEyes," Taylor Chang-Babaian)

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