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Hair tapestries are the latest '90s trend to make a comeback

Hair tapestries, which embroider colored thread it into your hair, are a fun play on festival style and will give you a cool boho chic look.
/ Source: TODAY

While we thought we kissed most of those '90s hair fads goodbye (we're looking at you butterfly clips), there are still some trends poised for a comeback. The latest pays homage to just about every tween girl's favorite slumber-party pastime: making hair wraps. Except this time around, they're bigger and better with large woven hair tapestries.

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So, what exactly are hair tapestries you might ask? Essentially, they're patterns and designs of colored thread embroidered into the hair.

The trend is becoming so popular that YouTube stars and beauty bloggers are sharing tutorials on how to create the look at home. For better or worse, it's a fun hair trend you don't have to shell out for at the salon!

Unlike hair wraps, where the string is wrapped around a few strands in a circular motion, hair tapestries are looms formed throughout a large chunk of hair. That's right, it refers to another '90s kids' obsession of decorating with looms.

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Instead of using strings as the base, hair is divided into sections and the loom is placed around it. Techniques for keeping the hair divided into sections vary — some like to use hairspray while others stick to wax. Regardless of your method of choice, the hair needs to have some texture to it so that the threads stay in. The silkier the hair, the harder it will be to properly secure the the threads.

Just as you would with a regular loom, a color pattern is created as the threads are woven in and out. One thing to note if you plan to try this yourself: It's easier to use a clip-in extension to create the design rather than doing it directly to your hair.

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Once the color pattern is created, you can go back into the hair with a needle and thread and create a design like a heart, star or graphic image of your choice to add an even more personal flair.

The hair tapestry craze is inspired by the boho vibe at many music festivals. But now, it's going from concert style to street chic. Depending on the colors of the hair tapestry, you can make it an accessory for any and all occasions. You can even have some fun playing with where you place the tapestry in your hair and include it within a more complicated updo. The options are endless! We wouldn't be surprised if we see hair tapestries hitting the runways in the coming weeks.

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Inspired to try the look or not so much? Tell us what you think!