Summer hair hacks! Bloggers share their most ingenious tricks

summer hair hacks
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By Kristin Booker

Summer hair gripes are as plentiful as a bumper crop of zucchini: First, there’s the frizz (thanks, humidity!) Then, there’s color-fade from chlorine, seawater and scorching sun. And finally there’s the fact no one feels like getting a blowout in 100-degree heat. Luckily, our favorite beauty bloggers have discovered ingenious ways to work around these hurdles and enjoy gorgeous hair all season long. Hint: it involves raiding your fridge and your medicine cabinet…

Before-bed braids let you skip a blowout
Tired of trying to manage your blowout in the summer? Surrender to the natural wave, suggests Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot. “Just the idea of a blowout in the summer exhausts me, so I shampoo at night, add a spritz or two of beach spray, then twist and braid my hair before I sleep on it. Don't forget the twisting part — that's what gives your hair that natural, not crimped, wavy look when you undo the style in the morning!” 

Nadine Jolie Courtney has a similar trick, but with the addition of leave-in conditioner. “This is one of my favorite summer beauty tricks: It helps combat frizz, color-fade, dryness, you name it,” she says. “Simply comb a little leave-in (or, if you're feeling natural, coconut oil) into your hair, and twist into a bun or braids. Not only will it help condition and protect your hair, but when you take it down, you'll have soft, beautiful waves.” 

Mayo can replace $30 hair masks
Those of us seeking hair hydration can skip the costly salon visits and expensive tubs of hair masks and just head to the fridge. “I know this is yucky, but I like to use about a half cup of mayo (the full-fat kind is best) as a hair treatment about once a week,” reveals Aly Walansky of A Little Alytude. “Let it cook — meaning let the mayonnaise set on your hair — for about 20 minutes before you rinse it out. Coconut or avocado oil are great too, but mayo has been uniquely successful for me for restoring body and shine.”  

Exercise can activate your hair treatment
Your morning workout can also double as a hot oil treatment — a fact we pleasantly discovered while talking to Amber Katz of Rouge 18. “I like to apply Moroccanoil Treatment to the full length of my ponytail and coil it up into a bun before a summer morning run. The heat from my body yields the effect of an old-school hot-oil treatment, and when I wash my hair afterward, it's soft and shiny.”  

Switching up your shampoo prevents color-fade
Christina Farrell of The Makeup Blogger is all about preserving her hair color from chlorine and sun during the summer. “My mother introduced me to Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo to keep my red hair bright, and I’ve been relying on it since my teens,” she says. “I use it once a week so I don't have to worry about my hair turning orange when exposed to the pool. She also applies Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil before hitting the pool or the beach. “It prevents my hair from drying out and keeps my ends healthy. You can also use olive oil! Just apply sparingly to your ends, and leave it in while you’re in the sun. Once you rinse it out, your hair will feel amazing!”  

Baby hairs go bye-bye with lip balm
Ever wonder how to tame those tiny baby hairs around your face? Anne Fritz of The Jet Set Girls has the cure. “When my hair is pulled back in my ubiquitous summertime pony, those little buggers stick out and can look like horns. I've even considered cutting them! But instead of resorting to scissors, I've learned to use a dab of Chapstick on them! I slick it on straight from the tube and it locks them down.”  

Cider vinegar makes a killer clarifying shampoo
Is product buildup weighing your hair down? Take a tip from Sarah Conley of Style It Online and reach for the pantry. “I've been turning to apple cider vinegar to help remove all of the dry shampoo and oil from my hair before shampooing. It really removes product buildup and gives me a shine boost, too!”  

Gloss treatment + conditioner = hair color protection
Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot has a nifty hack for maintaining hair color at home. “As a brunette, my hair color gets brassy in sun, so to keep it rich in between color appointments I mix an at home gloss (John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss for Warm Brunettes) with a little bit of deep conditioner and leave it on my dry hair for about an hour. It not only elivens my color, but also treats my sun-scorched strands.”    

Ointment is an instant frizz fighter 
Jamie Stone of Honestly Jamie has developed a great trick for battling serious humidity. “This is kind of crazy but when I know I'm about to go out into hurricane-humid weather, I sometimes dab a tiny bit of Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment onto the ends of my hair. I swear it keeps [them] from frizzing! Just be careful not to put too much or your hair will look greasy.”