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Hair bun tutorial: 11 hairstyles to try while you're quarantining

Now is a great time to learn how to create a new hairstyle.
These styles are simple, easy and a great way to keep the hair out of your face.
These styles are simple, easy and a great way to keep the hair out of your face.meaghandoeshair/ Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Social distancing has left many of us ditching our go-to makeup routines and relaxing our work uniform, but all this extra time at home gives us the perfect excuse to learn a few new hair tricks before the next Zoom or FaceTime call.

TODAY Style scoured Instagram for a range of bun and braid tutorials that can serve as a much-needed distraction and help you master a new hairstyle. Ready to get started? Check out these 12 hairstyles.

1. Dutch braid

You don't have to create an elaborate braided style to make an impact. This dutch braid starts at the roots then clips underneath your hair for a seamless, subtle pop of detail. It's also perfect for keeping strands out of your face!

2. Marvelous messy bun

In a matter of minutes, a simple low ponytail can transform into a deliberately messy masterpiece. Just form a few braids, tie them together, secure them into a bun and separate strands for a piece-y look.

3. Short hair braid

Think braids are out of reach just because you've got shorter strands? Think again! Start by curling hair all over then form matching French braids on each side of your head. Secure in place and you're good to go!

4. Natural bun

Volume for days! This topknot for natural locks is equal parts sensible and sweet thanks to its gravity-defying height and its sleek base. The key to getting that texture juxtaposition? A touch of hair gel and balm.

5. Twisted bun

So elegant! To create this twisted bun, start by pulling your hair back into a half updo then section the rest of your hair underneath. Pull hair into a ponytail and twist pieces around. Then, form twisted pieces into a bun and clip in place.

6. Half-updo bun

Get the best of both worlds with this flirty half-up, half-down style featuring a flirty topknot. After separating a topknot section out, secure hair with an elastic, wrap it around to create volume and secure with bobby pins. Easy, right?

7. Braid and topknot

A hidden braid in the back adds creative flair to this otherwise basic topknot. Start by braiding upward from the base of your hair then form a topknot. Add a scrunchie to give it a little something extra!

8. Braided low bun

While watching this braided bun tutorial, you'll swear there's some kind of sorcery going on, but it's just a sideswept braid that seamlessly transitions into a stunning low bun. The trick? Leaving a bit of length at the bottom, slide two of the three strands of your braid upward while holding the third strand in place. Pin the scrunched-up braid down into a bun, and then wrap the remaining third strand around it for a chic, effortless bun.

9. Waterfall braid ponytail

If you’ve got some time on your hands, and aren’t afraid of a challenge, this braid-ponytail combo is worth a try. Start with two waterfall braids on each side, with the first one near the crown of your head and the second more in the middle. Then, do a third one — this time a French braid — to tie up all the loose ends, ending near the nape of your neck on each side. To finish off the look, pull both sides together into a low ponytail. Gorgeous, right?

10. Side braid ponytail

This snazzy style combines two of our favorite things: braids and ponytails. Start with a deep side part, then work locks into a dutch braid before pulling hair up into a ponytail. Wrap your braid around the ponytail, secure in place and voilà!

11. Ribbon braids

Ready to have fun with color? Replace the third strand of your braid with a bright ribbon. Lay it across the entire width of your head and weave into braids on both sides. Secure with a touch of hairspray after and you're good to go.