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By Lesley Kennedy

Just when you thought romance was dead, along comes Ryan Leak, who from this day forward shall forever be known as the Prince Charming of Pinterest.

The newlywed planned and pulled off one of the best weddings ever, surprising his bride with a big assist from the photo-pinning and sharing site. According to the Daily Mail, Leak heard his love, Amanda Roman, tell a pal she wanted to, one day, get engaged and married in one fell swoop. A year later, thanks to snooping on Roman’s Pinterest page called “My dream wedding,” Leak pulled off the coup of the century—using her more than 220 photo inspirations to bring the event to life, the newspaper reports.

Leak had family and friends fly to Miami (the couple lives in Dallas), where the big reveal was made (he told Roman they were going to help some friends move). The guy proposed and, a couple hours later, here comes the bride.

“Amanda basically planned her dream wedding without even knowing it,” Leak says, according to the Mail. “Planning a whole wedding is unbelievably daunting so Pinterest was amazing as it enabled me to pick exactly what Amanda would have liked. … For over a year I had to arrange to take calls in private and was forced to put locks on my phone just in case she saw anything.”

Roman says seeing all her loved ones there to celebrate, she was overwhelmed with love.

“One day my friend and I were talking about wedding planning and I thought about how cool it would be to get married and engaged on the same day,” she says, the Mail reports. “I didn’t think through all of the details of how that would work, so I completely bypassed the fact that the groom would have to plan the entire wedding.”

Yep, a new betrothed bar has been set. Expect to see wedding boards left up on laptops everywhere for boyfriends to get inspired by.

Lesley Kennedy writes for Follow ShopAtHome on Twitter @shopathome and Lesley on Google+.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.