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Graphic eyeliner trend: Taking the runway look to real life

This beauty craze is making rounds on the runway and social media — and it's all about breaking the rules.
/ Source: TODAY

It's like modern art — for your face!

This new and exciting beauty trend is all about taking risks and being bold. Graphic eyeliner is just as it sounds: A way to draw graphic and cool designs with your eyeliner. That means no more struggling to perfect a cateye or follow the crowd with a simple line. Pick a look you like and go for it!

Hesitant to try it for yourself? The makeup artists at Rouge NY showed a simple way to test the trend.

G is for ... Graphic eyeliner.

Graphic eyeliner
  1. Look for a liquid eyeliner and an ultra-thin brush.
  2. Get creative! Pick a design and go for it. The best part is that you don't have to pick the same exact design for both eyes — they should coordinate, but don't necessarily need to match.
  3. If you're nervous about looking crazy, choose a look that will be mostly hidden when your eyes are open and flash a cool design each time you blink. We love these zebra stripes!

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