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Grandparents make adorable hair salon video while in quarantine

It's actually not the first time this husband has cut his wife's hair during the couple's 66-year marriage.
Don't worry, the garden clippers are part of the joke!
Don't worry, the garden clippers are part of the joke!Laura Maynerd/Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

Staying home to stop the spread of the coronavirus means many people will miss their hair appointments, but one Tennessee couple decided to open their own quarantine hair salon to make their family laugh.

Laura Maynard shared a video on Twitter of her Granddaddy pretending to give her Grams a haircut with garden clippers.

"I couldn’t stop laughing!" Maynard told TODAY Style. "They’re my favorite people and I know they wouldn’t have any idea about Twitter/internet spread. These times are so glum for so many. All I wanted to share was 20 seconds of joy with my friends from the people who’ve brought me joy my whole life."

In the video, Maynard's grandfather is wearing a butterfly apron and holding a pair of garden clippers as he pretends to tend to his client.

"Does it look good over here or do I need to change something?" he asked.

"Well, I can't see," Grams said.

"Alrighty," she continued as she held up a mirror to inspect his work. "Yeah, maybe a little bit more right off here."

The couple, who live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are both 88 years old. They will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary in August.

Grams told TODAY Style that they just wanted to do something to make their family laugh while everyone is in quarantine. That includes their five kids, 18 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

“It started as a joke with our son and daughter. My husband actually did help me cut my hair," she said "My son kept saying, 'I can’t wait to see what kind of haircut he gives you.'"

Grams said her husband has helped her with an occasional quick trim over the years and she gives him high marks for his work, including his comedy skills in the video.

"We’ve had fun with it," she said. "We have laughed about it and how it has all turned out."