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Grace Kelly's granddaughter looks just like her!

Camille Gottlieb never met her grandmother, Princess Grace of Monaco. But if she wants to see the star's legendary beauty, she only needs to look in the mirror.
/ Source: TODAY

Camille Gottlieb never had a chance to meet her grandmother, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. Sadly, the Hollywood star-turned-royal died in 1982, 16 years before Gottlieb was born.

But if the young woman wants a closer look at the late acting legend who was known for her style and great beauty, she isn't limited to old films and photos.

She can just look in the mirror.

Camille and Grace Kelly
Camille Gottlieb dyed her hair, and is now the spitting image of her grandmother Grace Kelly. (Though we're not sure that Grandma Grace would approve of the cigarette pic)@camillerosegottlieb / Getty Images

Gottlieb, who's the youngest child of Monaco's Princess Stéphanie, shared a recent photo of herself on Instagram, showing off her new blond locks and a familiar old look.

Of course, It's not just her hair that harks back to Kelly's glamorous on-screen image.

Gottlieb has her grandmother's fair skin, blue eyes and dreamy stare, too. Pair all of that with a bold red lipstick and the new 'do, and the resemblance is undeniable.

The 19-year-old posted another photo over the summer, sans makeup or even dry hair, and it was still easy to spot how much she inherited from Kelly.

Camille and Grace Kelly
In Camille Gottlieb's poolside pic, she looks remarkably like her grandmother Grace Kelly in the 1955 film "To Catch a Thief."@camillerosegottlieb / Everett Collection

Then again, who needs the help of glamour when it's all in the genes?