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5 fashion trends we know you'll be wearing ... according to Google searches

Google's annual fashion trends report reveals exactly which styles are trending and which have gone the way of the Walkman and VCR.
/ Source: TODAY

It might be time to ditch those skinny jeans.

This spring, we know that skirts are in, swimwear has changed and there’s a resurgence of ultra-casual pieces like jogger pants. How are we so certain? Google’s annual fashion trends report. The tech giant’s research unveils what trends people are searching for online, and which ones are going out of style.

“It’s supposed to be another tool to understand trends and see what consumers are reacting to, and what’s really creating the most demand,” Lisa Green, head of industry, fashion and luxury brands at Google, told of the report. “The pulse of the consumer can be seen when you look at the search data and how people are behaving online.”

So, what should you purge from your closet? Normcore fashion, peplum silhouettes, one-shoulder dresses and string bikinis, for starters. You’ll need to, if you want to make room for these trending spring items:

Midi skirts

They’re the perfect length: short enough to feel chic, but long enough to feel work-appropriate and right at home with the modest fashion trend. Google identified midi skirts as a trend that has “sustained growth,” meaning it's probably not a fleeting fad.

Searches for the trend have increased nine times over the past three years, the report said.

Tulle skirts


Google searches for tulle skirts are up 34 percent in the past year and associated keywords like “how to make,” “and “sew” suggest some customers are taking a DIY approach.

The trend is apparently one that started on the West Coast and is starting to pick up across the country, according to the report, which was made for marketers but will undoubtedly give some shoppers some ideas about upcoming trends.

“I saw the trends and I certainly went out and bought myself a tulle skirt,” Green said.

Neoprene swimsuits

It’s true: neoprene isn’t just for wetsuits anymore. The synthetic rubber lends a surfer vibe to modern monokinis and two-piece swimsuits at brands like Victoria’s Secret and Lisa Marie Fernandez. Designers have even sent dresses, shoes and jackets made from the material down the runway in recent shows.

But don’t invest too much in a new neoprene bikini. Google warns that this one is just a fleeting trend.

Jogger pants

But not just any jogger pants—think loud prints and unique materials. People searched for them in leather, sequins, denim, camouflage and even printed with emojis.

“Emojis are certainly a trend across the board,” Green said. “People are writing with them, using them as ways to express themselves. So I guess it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that they’re showing up on our pants now, too.”

The jogger pants trend started on the East Coast but is picking up in the South now, too, according to the report. We happened to love these fun, printed joggers from loungewear brand Alexis Mera. Speaking of pants, you can finally toss those chinos. Google searches for those and harem pants dropped drastically this year.

Statement sweatshirts

Who wants to wear a plain sweatshirt when you can wear one proclaiming your love for kale—a la Beyoncé—or maybe emojis? (Again with the emojis, we know.) This is another trend that’s not likely to stick around, according to the Google report, but we have to admit it’s fun while it lasts.