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Gold leaf hair trend: Gorgeous, or just plain weird?

Thanks to the gold leaf hair trend, this might be the shiniest holiday season yet.
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Just when we were getting used to the idea of putting glitter on our roots (it’s kind of genius, actually), the gold leaf hair trend invaded the Internet.

This might be the shiniest holiday season yet!

"Last season was all about the flash tattoos, and this season it's about the gold leaf hair trend," Jay Lakhani, the owner and designer of Deepa Gurnani accessories, told TODAY. "It gives a whole new meaning to 'wearable art.'”

"With gold leaf, you have more options than just applying it to your roots, like we saw with the glitter phenomenon," added Lisa Richards, the co-founder of RPZL extension salon.

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She went on to describe how the technique could be used.

"To create a gilded style, first cut the gold leaf into your preferred shapes, strips or pieces. Then, apply a small amount of mousse to the area you'll be bedazzling, either with your hand or paint [it] on with a brush, depending on how much gold leaf you plan on applying," she explained.

Don't forget to wash your hands before applying the thin sheets of gold leaf. Then, place the gold leaf on top of the mousse, patting it down to set it in.

If you're having trouble picking up the pieces of gold leaf, Richards suggests using tweezers to help. "After it has set, feel free to spray with a hair spray (6 to 8 inches away from the placement) to seal it in,” she said.

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Go for the gold (but not too far)

As with every trend, it’s all about light, subtle touches.

“Using gold leaf on the hair is a new way of adorning the hair with a modern-looking, customized accessory," Kim Kimble, owner of Kimble Hair Studio, told TODAY. "It looks great on a sleek, flat surface because it lays better. It also works on short hair.”

Sure, it may not be the right look for everyday, but you may have just found your Instagram-ready holiday 'do.

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"The gold leaf trend is a fun way to switch up your style. It's more interesting than a headband or clip and adds a touch of glamour to an ordinary hairstyle,” added Scunci stylist, Laura Polko.

Keep it subtle

Kimble recommends keeping it simple when it comes to gold leaf hair.

“I like it in sections, not all over the hair, and I'm not a fan of the flecks in the part. It can look like dandruff," said Kimble. "You can also try other colors, like copper if you like a more monochromatic look, but the contrast of gold against all hair shades is also nice. It depends on what you’re wearing.”

Gold leaf is delicate and adds luxury so you don’t want to over do it, Kimble added. She suggests keeping it simple so it looks chic and classic.

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