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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

Let's be honest, you've probably tried to get that J.Lo glow more times than you care to admit. Trust us, we've been there.

Say goodbye to searching for the "apples of your cheeks" and awkward rosy circles straight out of a dance recital. Celebrity makeup artist Ashlee Glazer stopped by TODAY Monday to share this simple trick for a gorgeous glow.

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Start by giving the skin a warm contour with a matte bronzer. Create a backwards "3" shape starting at the forehead and then going underneath the cheekbones and around the jawline.

Stick to the outside edges, Glazer suggests, so that it looks fresh and natural. "This sculpts out the shape of the face," she said.

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Now, here's where it gets interesting: Place two fingers next to your nose as a guideline and apply blush starting from the outside of your outer finger.


This will make sure it ends up on the top of your cheekbones, giving you a nice highlight that looks subtle and sweet.

Glazer recommends whisking the brush out, so that it blends easily without a harsh stop at the end of the color.

And voila! You're ready to take on the world and sing, "I ain't your mama" for all to hear.

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