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The grown-up way to wear a glitter manicure for New Year's Eve

Glitter nails are back except it's not exactly how you might think. Here's the cool new way to rock the sparkly nail art trend.
/ Source: TODAY

Calling all sparkle lovers!

For those of us who have dealt with the great internal debate of whether or not we're "too old" for glitter nails, we've got some good news: You can wear glitter at any age!

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G is for... Glitter

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

The secret to making it work has everything to do with where (and how) you apply it.

The experts at Paintbox in New York City shared a fancy glitter manicure trick with TODAY that works for girly-girls of all ages.

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat. Allow to dry.

2. Grab a bright and bold nail polish color and paint. We went for Essie's "Butler Please."

Pro tip: For a more subtle look, you can choose a natural color.

3. Apply glitter polish starting at the tip of nail and working your way up. This will allow for an ombré effect with the sparkles primarily on the tips.

Pro tip: Want even more glitter? Apply the glitter polish onto a clean makeup sponge and press onto the nail where desired. The sponge absorbs the clear polish, leaving more sparkles on the nail.

4. Allow glitter to dry.

5. Complete with top coat and allow to dry.

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