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'Girls who love baseball are rare': Sexist shirt causes a stir on the Internet

/ Source: TODAY

Apparently, it's "rare" to be both female and like baseball — or so, that's how one clothing brand is positioning it.

The sports apparel company, Live Love Gameday, is under fire for selling a shirt that reads, "Girls who love baseball are rare. Wife 'em up."

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Girls who love baseball are rare. Wife 'em up

The Dallas-based retailer is getting a lot of heat for implying that only men like watching baseball, especially when that has been proven statistically untrue; and, furthermore, making the statement that a woman would love the sport only to be proven worthy of being "wife'd up".

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But as SBNation points out, women have increasingly become a part of the fan experience, growing to represent roughly 45-47 percent of those in attendance at games.

The shirt design didn't sit well with Twitter users, most expressing that women who love sports aren't rare at all.

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Others are saying that it's "offensive" and have little knowledge about being "wife'd up" in the first place — or the term's association with baseball, for that matter.

It's clear this shirt struck out with a large majority of fans.

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