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Girls need pockets too: Mom's tweet about fashion flaw goes viral

Hey, fashion industry: Girls have things to hold just like boys!
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/ Source: TODAY

This mom is fed up with one problem with girls’ clothing. And the internet agrees.

On Saturday, author Heather Kaczynski, who has a 3-year-old girl, tweeted her frustration with the lack of pockets in her daughter’s pants.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, read: "PLEASE PUT POCKETS ON GIRLS PANTS. omg. My 3yo is SO ANGRY when she doesn’t have pockets or the pockets are fake. She has THINGS TO HOLD, like rocks and Power Rangers. She’s resorted to putting stuff down her shirt. come on. pockets for girls please."

Kaczynski told TODAY she deleted the tweet after receiving "a nasty message" and deciding it "wasn't worth the stress." But she still stands by her point. (As do others, apparently, since it garnered more than 250,000 likes and sparked a 1,000-tweet conversation on the subject.)

It quickly became apparent that this issue goes beyond just girls' clothing. Women of all ages were voicing their desire for the fashion industry to add usable pockets to women's clothing.

“3-year-old girls want to put rocks in their pockets as much as boys do,” Kaczynski told TODAY Style.

Girls’ clothes come in a plethora of cute designs, but they are much less functional than the styles available to boys.

"She has a lot of things she wants to take with her so either I end up carrying handfuls of My Little Ponies and Power Rangers or she puts them down the front of her shirt. So she walks around with toys sticking out of her clothes," explained Kaczynski.

Many clothing options for women even have fake pockets that are added for aesthetic reasons and have no actual use, but Kaczynski has trouble differentiating real pockets from fake ones in online photos.

Kaczynski's daughter asks "Where’d my pocket go?" whenever she wears clothing with fake pockets. "Try to explain to a 3-year-old why there are pockets that look like pockets that aren’t real,” said the 28-year-old mom.

The 3-year-old pocket-lover isn't alone in how much she hates fake pockets. Many other women on Twitter responded saying that they or their children have had the same reaction.

Pockets are so valued by women that when a woman is able to find that one miracle dress that has them, she often can't help sharing her excitement with her friends.

A few people on Twitter recommended that Kaczynski shop for her daughter in the boys' departmen. But she doesn't think that will work because of her daughter's favorite color.

"Try finding pink clothes in the boys' department," Kaczynski told TODAY Style. "It's rarer than finding pockets in girls' clothes."