A girl's best friend: Black diamonds are new skin care craze

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By Tracy Saelinger

Brits are clamoring over a new beauty craze, and this precious product comes from a surprising source.

It's a face serum and lotion made with black diamonds, and 4,000 people are already on the wait list.

BeautyLab's Black Diamond Moisture Complex and Energizing Serum promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 65 percent in just a month, thanks to a combo of the diamonds and peptides, which are proteins meant to stimulate the creation of collagen.

BeautyLab's black diamond products include a serum that costs $120. Today

The products ($120 for the serum, $140 for the lotion), which went on sale just this week, contain both white and black diamonds. But it’s the black that settles into wrinkles and pores, absorbing light and manipulating the invisible UV light, to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, BeautyLab’s managing director Roger Aoun told TODAY.

"What happens to the diamonds is they settle into the wrinkles and they gently and softly diffuse the light, giving you that kind of airbrushed look," said Aoun.

Dr. Sam Bunting, a London-based cosmetic dermatologist, explained that diamonds, precious metals and gemstones create an optical blur. “They diffuse the light and create a soft-focus effect, which potentially hides fine lines and wrinkles. But that’s a cosmetic effect, it's not a permanent thing,” she said.

"The results of the human trials (although ongoing) have been amazing," said BeautyLab spokesperson Audrey Lenihan. "We have been inundated with sales on the website and we are working through a huge waiting list to ensure we deal with all requests."

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Gemstones in beauty products are "a bit of a Hollywood secret," said Rachel Scaperotta, a beautician at the Beverly Wilshire hotel spa. "It's a pretty instant effect," she said. "That's why celebs like it."

But while the products may act fast, you'll likely be waiting around to try them yourself.

If black diamonds in beauty goods sound familiar, you may be remembering a much more pricey product, a $250,000 nail polish containing the gems.