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This girl's 'Little Mermaid' hairstyle inspires others to share their wackiest looks

This mom is a genius!
mom makes amazing Little Mermaid hair for daughter
Courtesy of April Castillo
/ Source: TODAY

A mom created a “Little Mermaid”-themed hairstyle for her daughter and, well, it’s amazing.

mom makes amazing Little Mermaid hair for daughter
The epic hairstyle only took about 20 minutes to achieve.Courtesy of April Castillo

April Castillo, 34, dreamed up the amazing look for her 4-year-old daughter, Atlantis, for her school’s recent crazy hair day.

Castillo, a cake decorator in Houston, Texas, got the idea from Pinterest, and the entire hairstyle only took her 20 minutes to create, she told TODAY Style.

She sprayed green hairspray to create the "tail" and used her daughter’s Ariel doll to complete the look.

mom makes amazing Little Mermaid hair for daughter
Her amazing hairstyle quickly went viral.Courtesy of April Castillo

From the front, the doll’s red hair just looked like a cute accessory.

“She loved it! She couldn’t wait for everyone to see it,” Castillo told TODAY Style via email. “She loves the 'Little Mermaid.' It’s her favorite Disney princess.”

Castillo’s older daughter, Ariel Romero (yes, her name is Ariel!) posted the photos on Twitter, and her mom's incredible creation quickly went viral, racking up more than 748,000 likes and counting.

“My mom did the mermaid because my name is Ariel and my sister is Atlantis, which is where Ariel lives under the sea,” Romero, 19, explained on Twitter. “We’ve grown up loving mermaids thanks to my parents.”

Her post inspired others to share their kids’ craziest hairstyles, and the photos did not disappoint.

One person shared this hilariously clever Coke bottle creation.

Others shared hairstyles inspired by rainbows and snowmen.

One mom even shared a similar "Little Mermaid" hairstyle she created for her daughter three years ago, this time with a fishtail braid.

Unsurprisingly, Romero said her little sister won her school’s crazy hair day contest, and Romero hopes there will be more epic hairstyles in her sister's future.

“(Atlantis) is only in pre-K,” she wrote on Twitter. “Y’all just wait for my mom in the upcoming years.”