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'They stick up for each other': Meet the sister who cut her hair for the best reason

Don't mess with these sisters!
/ Source: TODAY

Don't mess with these sisters!

Jorja Orrick, 9, recently chopped most of her long, blond hair into an adorable bob. Unfortunately, when she went to school with the cute style, some of her classmates didn't find it as adorable. And as young kids often do, they teased her for it. But Jorja’s 11-year-old sister Sarah had her back.

In solidarity with Jorja, Sarah decided to cut off most of her long locks, too.

“She was like, ‘No boys are going to make fun of my little sister,’” Noell Shore, the hairdresser in Norman, Oklahoma, who gave Sarah the dramatic new cut, told TODAY Style.

The girls’ mom, Amy Orrick, said she was surprised at first that Sarah wanted such a drastic change.

“She’s always had long hair and didn’t seem like she was interested in having short hair,” Orrick told TODAY Style. But when Jorja was teased for her new haircut, Sarah insisted on showing solidarity.

"They’re not going to … do that to her. They’re not going to make fun of her," Sarah told her mom.

Both Orrick and Shore were really moved by Sarah’s sweet gesture.

“This little girl was so awesome,” Shore said. “Her act of courageousness and her being brave enough to cut all of her hair to support her sister — I never thought anything like this would happen. With all the negativity that’s happening in our world today, I think it is so awesome and incredible.”

Shore said Sarah and Jorja’s story really hit home for her because she has also been the victim of bullying.

“[I] know (all too well) the long-term effects of this cruel malice,” she wrote on Instagram. “That is why it is so important for me to do what I can to help these girls realize and know — without a doubt — their self worth.”

Those on Instagram who saw her post agreed.

“Gorgeous! Keep on doing you, girlfriend,” one woman wrote. “Don’t let the bullies win, keep that beautiful smile and rock that rad hairstyle!”

“Love, love, love it!” another fan commented. “Good for you, young lady, for standing up against the bullying.”

Orrick couldn’t be more proud of her daughters. And it sounds like if the tables were turned, Jorja would do the exact same thing for her big sister.

“They stick up for each other,” Orrick said. “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”