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Gillette recalls Venus razors that could pose a 'high risk of cuts' during shaving

Misaligned blades on Venus Simply3 razors could increase the chances of painful nicks and cuts while shaving, the company said.
Gillette recalls Venus razors for being too sharp
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to shaving, an extra-sharp razor is usually a good thing — but not always.

Gillette is recalling some of its Venus razors after a manufacturing error made the blades more likely to cut people during normal use.

“We are indeed issuing a voluntary recall of Venus Simply3 disposable razors which may have misaligned blades that could result in high risk of cuts during use,” a Venus spokesperson told TODAY in an email.

A small number of the razors may be more likely to cause cuts, the company said. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Venus has received one confirmed report from a woman who was cut while using one of the defective razors, the company said in a release.

The products being recalled are four-packs of Venus Simply3 Disposable Razors and the Daisy 12 + 1 Venus Simply3.

Customers can return the razors for a free replacement.U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Only about 500 razors were affected by the manufacturing problem, but “out of an abundance of caution we are offering to replace any razors from the total lot of 87,000 razors,” the Venus spokesperson said.

Customers who bought any of the recalled razors, which were sold between January and May 2019 and cost between $6 and $10, can check their UPC and lot numbers online and mail them in for a free replacement.

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In the meantime, the razors in question have been removed from store shelves.

“We’ve also been working with retailers to switch out any inventory in-stores and that should be near completion,” the spokesperson said.

In an online message to customers, Venus said it is working to ensure that this type of manufacturing defect doesn’t happen again.

“Our priority is the safety and confidence of the millions of women who trust us with their personal care needs,” the company said. “(We) will revisit our quality systems and procedures to maintain the highest possible standards.”