Gift guide: What to buy a soon-to-be bride


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By Chelsa Skees

It's one of many happy moments in a woman's life: her engagement. She finds the man of her dreams and plans to spend her life with him. What is more exciting than that?! Now, if you happen to be friends with one of these lucky ladies, you might be wondering what the etiquette is for gift-giving. I say, to each her own!

If you're really close with the bride-to-be and you want to lavish her with a little sweet something, go for it. Everyone loves gifts, so why not celebrate her happy moment? I've pulled together some thoughtful gift ideas that your newly-engaged lady friend will love.


1. Surprise her with something you know she'll use — like nail polish! Not only are these little $8 bottles of joy inexpensive, but did you know that most brands have bridal collections? Essie, as well as many others, create perfect shades each year that brides and bridal parties are sure to love. I have a feeling you'll get a kick out of their names too: Blushing Bride, Borrowed & Blue, and I Do. (Essie Nail Polish Wedding Collection $8)


2. Women love feeling sexy, and there's nothing sexier than lingerie. Like some of our favorite nail polish brands, Hanky Panky, a beloved line for women, also makes a bridal collection. With lacy panties that read Bride, Bride to be, and Mrs. Cute and comfortable, what's not to love? (Hanky Panky Bridal Collection Thongs $28.00)


3. The engagement is the easy part — it gets more complicated when it comes to planning the big day. Let's assume this is her first wedding (hey, you never know). It's incredibly overwhelming to think about how to start planning this massive event for all of your friends and family.

Luckily, there are a slew of books you can find at your local bookstore or on Amazon that will help her get her wits about the whole process. Whether she's the type of bride who needs help figuring out how to keep things in her budget or someone who needs a little inspiration, you can find something that is sure to fit her needs. (The Knot Wedding Lookbook $27, The New Fashioned Wedding Book $30)


4. Along the same lines as books, a bridal magazine subscription will definitely make her happy. There are several types of magazines to choose from, so whether her style is classic or trendy, you can find the perfect subscription to fit her look. When her first issue arrives in the mail, she'll be pleasantly surprised that someone thought of it — especially since magazines can cost upwards of $5 a pop. It's the little things that count. (Bridal Magazine Subscriptions $10 - $20 on Amazon)


5. Beauty or spa-related gifts are great to give a woman who is starting to plan her wedding. No one wants to rouse a dreaded bridezilla, so keep your bride-to-be relaxed and happy by gifting her spa or beauty treatments. A massage a day keeps the stress away, or so we like to think.

A gift from the beauty world would also be perfect, from a sweet lipstick to pick up her day to a gift certificate at her favorite hair salon. Who knows, she might be thinking of how to color, cut, and/or style her hair the day of, so your gift could help her decide what she will do on her big day. Besides, everyone loves a little pampering.