Getting cheeky: Spanx debuts Booty Bra

The latest from Spanx? The Booty Bra, which is aimed at helping lift women's backsides.

Spanx has conquered love handles, flattened tummy rolls and even helped pregnant women with extra support for that growing belly

Now, Spanx entrepreneur Sara Blakely has her eye on something new: women's butts. 

The popular shapewear line recently debuted its Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra for $58, with the cheeky tagline “You won’t believe these buns are real!”

This bra for the butt is constructed with a microfiber panel that is supposed to help muffin tops and pudgy tummies disappear, while a non-compression fabric along the backside "keeps your posterior perky and separated."

The idea for the product was developed after women complained that their shapewear was flattening their derrieres.

“The product was inspired by requests from women who want shaping as well as a little lift to the backside in areas,” a media representative from Spanx told “It won’t smush her tush.”

The company also reported that there are plenty of women who are looking to pack a little more junk in the trunk.

“So far, we have heard positive feedback from women who feel they have a flatter backside and appreciate the lift Booty Bra gives them.”

This product comes following doctor reports that popular shapewear like Spanx can cause acid reflux, abdominal pain, gas and other ailments if not worn correctly. So those looking to slip into the Booty Bra anytime soon should make sure sure it's on just right to get the posterior perkiness Spanx promises and to avoid any possible complications.