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Get juicy lips in a snap with this two-step makeup trick

Look red carpet ready in a snap with this two-step trick for juicy lips.
/ Source: TODAY

Luscious, juicy lips are arguably ideal to create the perfect pout.

We've tried nearly every lip gloss under the sun, from colored to clear, but never mastered the juicy lip look that seems to grace the red carpet just about every Awards Seasons.

However, that all changed once Rouge NY showed how to get the perfect juicy lips in just two steps.

J is for... Juicy lips

  1. Start with your favorite color of lipstick as a base and paint to the lip line without veering over.
  2. Pick a high-shine lip gloss and generously paint the entirety of your lips. Don't be afraid to add extra layers! Pro tip: Using an actual lip brush instead of that little sponge that often comes with the gloss will help you get more coverage.

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