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Get crafty with fun and unique D.I.Y jewelry

TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas lists how to create personal, one-of-a-kind accessories that are sure to make a great conversation piece.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

While diamonds may be every girl’s best friend, handmade jewelry is unique and personal, making it every bit as precious. Crafting your own keepsake is not only fun and cost-conscious, but your creation is sure to make a great conversation piece. And it’s easier than you think! Whether you want a rainy-day activity or need a last-minute update for your outfit, Bobbie Thomas, Today Style editor and author of the Buzz for “In Touch” weekly, shares some do-it-yourself inspiration. 

More and more fashionistas are brushing their bling aside for cool, one-of-a-kind creations. Trendsetters are always in search of ways to express their individual style, and are eager to embrace innovative designers such as Venezuela’s Guadalupe Gehrenbeck ($75-500; 646-541-2685). Her use of common goods, such as trimmings and men's ties, in unconventional ways, is a great inspiration for your own project! Here are three ideas to get you started:

Twist and tie beads
While intricate beadwork can be beautiful, there’s no need to spend hours stringing a necklace! Give classic pieces like your button-down shirt or little black dress an instant update with a wrap-and-run creation. And keep in mind, the beads don’t have to be fancy. Broken strands or even everyday objects will do the trick. Make modern art in minutes with the simple instructions below.

Supplies: beads; ribbon or tulle; scissors

Steps: 1. Cut a strip of tulle or ribbon twice the desired length of necklace.

2. Tie a double knot where you wish to secure the bead.

3. Wrap the bead in tulle, like a piece of candy, and twist tightly.

(NOTE: If you are using ribbon, your bead will be left exposed).

4. Tie another double knot to secure.

5. Repeat as desired

Supplies: Selected photos or paper; Aleene’s decoupage glue; scissors

Steps: 1. Print or cut out images or words from magazines, gift wrap, thin fabric or photocopies.

2. Plan your project and layout design (tip- snap a photo to use as a guide).

3. Coat bangle, cuff or pendant with a thin layer and affix pieces with decoupage glue.

4. Reapply thin top-coats, allowing each to dry, until desired look is achieved.

Feather accents Some of the feathered runway frocks may not work for 9-to-5. But here’s a simple way to wear one of fall’s biggest trends. Consider swapping your simple studs for some flirty feather earrings. Bright colors will make you stand out from the crowd, while natural colors like brown and tan will blend in with your hair for a subtle softness. Add them to your existing jewelry while the trend is hot, using the easy steps below.

Supplies: Feathers, string or wire, earring hooks from your local craft store or your own pair of pre-fastened earrings, small crystals

Steps: 1. Tie string or wrap wire around top of feather.

2. Attach earring hooks or fasten onto existing jewelry.

3. Glue on crystals or paint if desired.