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Get the best eyelashes of your life: How to try the new 'anime' trend

The latest makeup trend will have you looking like a cartoon character ... in a good way. Here's how to get the best eyelashes of your life.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to great lashes, nobody does it better than animated characters (see: Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit) and mainstream makeup has taken notice. With the popularity of cosplay (aka "costume play" or dressing like a fictional character), cartoonishly large and defined eyelashes are all the rage.

The experts at Rouge NY makeup salon show how to get lashes worthy of a Japanese cartoon — or anime — character.

A is for ... Anime lashes

  1. Apply one set of fake eyelashes and let dry. (Pro tip: Allow the glue to sit for about 30 seconds before using so that it becomes tackier and easier to work with.)
  2. Now, add a second layer of false lashes. More is more when it comes to this trend!
  3. Using a healthy amount of mascara, clump both layers of falsies together with the natural lashes.
  4. Separate into exaggeratedly large section with fingers and/or an eyelash brush.
  5. Lastly, create a thick cateye with liquid liner to further enhance the look.

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