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'Game of Thrones' star calls out troll who criticized her makeup-free look

Lena Headey is not here for the haters who don't like her no-makeup videos.
Lena Headey claps back at troll who criticized her makeup-free look
Lena Headey called out a troll who criticized her for not wearing makeup. Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Don’t mess with Lena Headey!

The “Game of Thrones” star, 45, just clapped back at an online troll who criticized her makeup-free look.

It all started when Headey, who plays the ruthless queen Cersei Lannister on the hit HBO drama, shared a video of herself on an airplane, talking about her new movie, “Fighting with My Family.”

(Warning: there’s a bit of adult language in the video).

After she posted the video, one Instagram user apparently felt the need to criticize the fact that she wasn’t wearing makeup.

“Don’t record yourself again without makeup please,” the person commented.

Headey was not amused.Getty Images

Headey was having none of it. She took a screenshot of the comment and reposted it along with a message of her own.

“I shall continue to not wear makeup,” she wrote. “Go (expletive) yourself.”


Fans were quick to come to her defense.

“Haters gonna hate, but real Queens are beautiful ALWAYS,” one supporter wrote on her latest post.

Cersei wouldn't stand for it, either.Alamy Stock Photo

“I love that you don’t wear makeup in a lot (most? all?) of your videos,” another fan wrote. “It helps fellow no-makeup wearers like me resist the constant pressure to make ourselves ‘prettier’ with what is essentially very expensive face paint. If you love wearing it, or it gives you confidence, that’s cool! But the bare faced crew shouldn’t be shamed for not wearing it. You inspire me!”

Headey often shares makeup-free photos on social media, including this gorgeous selfie last year.

This is also not the first time she’s addressed criticisms of her natural look on Instagram.

“To those who feel free to tell me I look haggard, 100 years old, that my beauty is fading.... that I look tired/exhausted (you’re right !!!! Parenting is a full time exhausting beautiful thing ) THIS IS ME,” the actress and mom of two wrote in a post last fall.


“I love that my experience sits on my face, that my eyes can tell a thousand stories, that you can watch my work and enjoy it, and when I give you real me, it’s too real … Get used to it folks, this face will only get older and realer.”

Headey is a queen on-screen and off!