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Gabrielle Union hits back at Instagram troll who told her to 'dress her age'

Her comeback was perfect.
Image: "American Son" Broadway Opening Night
The actress, pictured here in November, was showing off her new line for New York & Company when a commenter took aim at her style.Roy Rochlin / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Instagram trolls, take note: Gabrielle Union is not looking for your unsolicited advice.

When the 46-year-old actress posted a photo of herself this week, showing off her upcoming fashion collection, she had no patience for a commenter who tried to shame her look.

The poster, @yahyah07, ignited a storm of comments by writing, "Can you dress your age, please" beneath Union's photo.

Union had a swift — and awesome — comeback.

"Oh I’d looooove to hear what you think is age appropriate," she responded. "Please gimme allllll the age appropriate fashion advise I didn’t know I needed in my life."

Union, who had a baby girl by surrogate in November with hubby NBA star Dwayne Wade, was promoting a new "chill/eat/pray/love/travel" collection in partnership with New York & Company scheduled to be released in this month.

She captioned the picture, in which she is looking at the camera while wearing a silky black dress paired with a pair of green sneakers, "All my unfinished work/projects from 2018 looking at me as I prepare my vision board for 2019."

This isn't the first time Union has dealt with internet trolls. In November she was criticized for wearing a hospital gown while holding her baby in Instagram photos announcing the birth, prompting her husband to speak out against the hurtful comments.


This week's negative comment also spurred a wave of support backing Union and her stunning style.

Some of the responses included "Girl, its called confidence, and it shows. I'm 44 and I wear what I feel confident ur style. Ignore the TROLL!" and "Beautiful! I could only dream of looking this good at 46, or any age for that matter."

At least one user, however, questioned why Union was taking time to "clap back" in the first place, writing:

"I'll never understand why women like you and @ayeshacurry even take the time to 'clap back' at what people say to you on Instagram. First, you're putting yourself out there by posting continuous pics of yourself. People are going to comment, both in a positive and negative manner. You should know that when you choose the pics you post. Secondly, with as busy and full a life you have, why do you even care?? ... It's time to give up your crown."

Eventually, @yahyah07 piped in to clarify, "I do like the chick, just not the outfit."

So far, Union's photo has proven popular, clocking more than 7,500 comments and more than 300,000 likes.

Lesson learned: Don't mess with Gabrielle!