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Glowing face masks, personalized shampoo: 11 best beauty products of the future

The future of beauty is getting digitized and more techie than ever.
/ Source: TODAY

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The future of beauty is getting digitized and more tech-friendly than ever. From printing lipstick from your smartphone to coloring your hair in the shower, these 11 impressive new tools will make you an early adapter of beauty.

1. Fitbit for your face

Imagine being able to see under your skin to the good stuff ... scientifically speaking. We’re talking about measuring your sebum, moisture levels, texture and wrinkles so that you can address skincare concerns at the very core. OKU acts as a skincare coach that tracks your progress over time, giving you lifestyle recommendations to improve your "Skinscore." As an added bonus, it basically crowdsources the best products for your skin type by linking you up with so-called "skin twins." These are people who have the same skin qualities as you and can recommend products so that you never splurge on a pricey serum that’s just hocus pocus. ($249.95,

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2. Clean sweep

You know you should wash your makeup brushes weekly, right? Right? Brushes build up dead skin cells and bacteria, but if that isn’t frightening enough, dirty bristles could be to blame for what is a less than flawless finish on your skin. Thankfully, you don't have to roll up your sleeves and line your counter with paper towels anymore. Lilumia is an automatic washing machine that can clean up to 12 makeup brushes at one time. You just add water to the reservoir, load makeup brushes in and 15 minutes later your, errr, "weekly" chore is done. ($119,

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3. iMani

The future may give us robots who whip up scrumptious bananas foster pancakes, but could it be that nail art will come first? Nailbot is a nail-art-printing robot that turns your smartphone into a nail salon. It instantly prints designs onto nails that have been primed with white polish. (Pre-order at

4. Mind's eye

Digital eye strain from using smart devices not only impacts vision, but c’mon, all that squinting can't be helping the fine-line situation. Aurai is a water-propelled eye massager with both cool and warm compresses to help improve blood circulation around the eyes, relieve pressure and alleviate discomfort — it's definitely an upgrade to a manual temple massage! (Pre-order at


5. Snappy nails

Inspiration is everywhere. That’s why we turn to Instagram to ogle gorgeous landscapes and close-ups of cute pets. But imagine being able to turn your feed into custom nail art! NailSnaps turns any photo (think: the pattern of your favorite dress) into nail stickers that get shipped straight to your door and adhere to your bare nails — just simply file off the excess. ($19,

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6. A balmy finish

At one point or another, we’ve all used chalky powder to set makeup only to sport "cake face" a few hours later. That’s why we’re psyched about this new innovation that sets foundation, blush and bronzer with a silky balm that blurs imperfections. The Un-Buffing Believable Smoothing Finishing Balm from Bliss controls excess oil and perfects skin with a non-cakey formula that diffuses pores, fine lines and wrinkles. The formula may make you rethink why talc was even an option to begin with. ($35,

7. Shade-y shower

Lightening hair is much like baking a cake from scratch — it’s a science. But going brighter does have consequences, like a hefty credit card bill or a botched at-home experiment that delivers less than flattering results. The newest beauty breakthrough, however, lightens hair one shade brighter in the comfort of your shower. John Frieda's Visibly Brighter In-Shower Lightening Treatment comes in two shades — blonde and brunette — so you can soften roots and illuminate your strands in just five minutes no matter what your original shade. ($9.99,

8. Gloss over

A winning smile doesn't begin and end with twice-yearly strips. Celebrity dentist, Michael Apa, has taken inspiration from plush, glassy lips and translated it to APA Beauty Tooth Gloss. This formula brightens teeth instantly, nourishes gums with safflower seed and jojoba oil and combats bacteria and bad breath with green tea and peppermint oil. ($28,

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9. Kid's play

Messy nail painters, you know the struggle of trying to do an at-home manicure. Thankfully, a creative dreamer invented the perfect product for you. The Nails Inc. Paint Can sprays polish directly onto fingertips for a fast application that stays even throughout and dries in seconds. A topcoat seals in color while you simply wash away the excess polish. Genius! (available as of March 22,

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10. Out of this world

GLAMGLOW GravityMud Firming Treatment is an innovative mask that changes color from white to a brilliant silver chrome and peels off to leave skin feeling tighter and more toned. The ingredients sound as if they were lifted straight from an asteroid; Vizitight features marine algae plasma, Lunarlift tightens with red algae extract and Cosmiplexion makes skin resilient with mineral-rich glacial clay. We dare you to slather this on for the next Star Wars movie night — the Force will definitely be with your skin. ($69,

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11. Made-to-order shampoo

Your barista does it, your bartender does it and even your mattress, too, but when it comes to shampoo and conditioners, no one ever asks for your unique preference. Function of Beauty lets you add a shot of volume, address your curl definition, protect your strands from heat damage and so much more with over 450 million combinations based on hair type. So if spring humidity typically renders your hair frizzy and looking fried, you can mix up a new batch of suds and conditioners to specifically combat those seasonal woes. The finishing touch? Your name is lovingly etched right onTO the bottle. ($13,