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#Freckles: Photographer shines spotlight on the beauty of spots

/ Source: TODAY

With his stunning — and now viral — portraits of freckled folks, British photographer Brock Elbank tells his #Freckles project is all about "documenting the beauty in being an individual."

British photographer Brock Elbank has gone viral with his #Freckles series.Brock Elbank

A 42-year-old London resident with 19 years of photography experience, Elbank launched his project in 2012, during a nine-year residency in Sydney, Australia. There he attended a soccer match and asked to take a picture of his friend's freckled son, Eddie. But just this month, Elbank's series has become a worldwide phenomenon through his Instagram and Tumblr accounts — as well as his positive message.

Sean Conway participates in photographer Brock Elbank's #Freckles series.Brock Elbank

"Every human has beauty in their appearance in some shape or form," he told via email Tuesday. "Society doesn't like different. But unique-looking individuals is what makes me want to take photographs. Different is good."

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Tsiu-Kim, a model and singer, is featured in photographer Brock Elbank's #Freckles series.Brock Elbank

Shot in London, many photos feature applicants who email Elbank a recent color selfie, "minus makeup, glasses or hats." Many of them, he wrote, hated their freckles as a child.

Mania Mackowski poses for photographer Brock Elbank's #Freckles series.Brock Elbank

"Ninety-nine percent of the people documented so far have struggled with their freckles, felt different, alienated," he noted. "Many [received] teasing, bullying and verbal abuse. Now hopefully all are feeling more at peace with their looks."

"Every human has beauty in their appearance in some shape or form," Brock Elbank told "Society doesn't like different. But unique-looking individuals is what makes me want to take photographs. Different is good."Brock Elbank

Although the series garnered media attention last year from British publications, including The Guardian and The Times, the photographs went truly viral earlier this month after related pieces blew up on BuzzfeedUK, The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post, according to Elbank. As a result, he wrote, "I've received well over 1,000 emails this past week from people applying globally."

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For his #Freckles series, photographer Brock Elbank states he's received hundreds of emails from applicants of "all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds."Brock Elbank

It's especially impressive for someone who admits he doesn't have any freckles of his own. "My wife Sarah and eldest daughter Elkie have freckles," he wrote, "though my youngest Olive doesn't have a single one."

British photographer Brock Elbank is the creator of the series #Freckles, whose portraits of freckled people went viral in January 2016.Brock Elbank

It's not the first time Elbank's work has resonated internationally. Three years ago, he created, produced and shot #Project60, an effort to help the Australian melanoma charity Beard Season. That series later appeared as the #Beard exhibition at Somerset House London to raise awareness for skin cancer. And next year, he's slated to exhibit new shows in Australia and Germany.

Brock Elbank says he hopes his participants see the beauty in their freckles.Brock Elbank

Even so, Elbank considered this month's response to #Freckles "crazy and most humbling."

The #Freckles series began as a single image taken in 2012 by photographer Brock Elbank.Brock Elbank

He added, "I've had literally hundreds of emails from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds saying how much they're enjoying the series and loving that it's showing them in a positive light!"

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