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/ Source: TODAY
By Brittany Loggins

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The best way to say "Happy Halloween" this year just may be dressing up as your favorite character from "Fortnite."

"Fortnite: Battle Royale," by video game developer Epic Games, has become tremendously popular, so it's no surprise that there are a ton of costumes available for both kids and adults.

TODAY Style rounded up some of the best!

Drift Mask:

One of the most popular costumes in 2018 is also one of the easiest to pull off: Drift! You'll be ready for any battle royale with this mask.

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Dark Voyager Costume:

This Dark Voyager costume is perfect for trick-or-treating.

Tricera Ops Costume:

You'll be one of the most recognizable dinosaurs around in this plush Tricera Ops costume. It's also a perfect option for kiddos expecting cold weather on Halloween night.

Brite Bomber Costume:

This bright, fun costume will help your little one become the "Fortnite" character Brite Bomber. The jumpsuit, belt, gloves and glasses are all included.

Skull Trooper:

Don't worry, grown-ups! We would never forget about you. This adult-sized Skull Trooper costume consists of a jumpsuit, mask, belt, bandanna, ammo pouch, shin guards and the confidence you need to have a happy Halloween.


Here's a bonus: You could even re-purpose this vengeful nutcracker costume for Christmas!

Brite Bomber:

Make a vibrant entrance at any Halloween party with this adult Brite Bomber costume.

Cuddle Team Leader:

Want to stay comfortable in your costume this Halloween? Meet your perfect outfit!