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Flashback Friday: TODAY fans share hilariously retro hair through the decades

Holy hair! When posted a story on fixing common hair mistakes, Suzi Merritt Speidel responded with a hilariously awesome phot
/ Source: TODAY

Holy hair! When posted a story on fixing common hair mistakes, Suzi Merritt Speidel responded with an awesome photo of her style in the '80s.

So, we asked the TODAY Facebook audience: What was your most hilariously retro hairstyle? Here are just a few of our favorite responses.

The '70s

Pastor Patsy Perkins Koeneke / Facebook

Farah Fawcett inspired a generation of women to wear their hair in (angel) wings. Pastor Patsy Perkins Koeneke loved the look in 1971.

Tricia Y. Kaplan / Facebook

Tricia Y. Kaplan was also on board!

Like Diana Ross prom photo
Brenda Hines / Facebook

Brenda Hines channeled her inner Diana Ross with her prom look in 1971.

The '80s

Erin Frame / Facebook

"So glad it didn't all fall out," says Erin Frame of her teased, platinum blonde hair.

Jennifer Lynn / Facebook

Twins? Jennifer Lynn's high school photo looks nearly identical to her daughter's recent '80s costume!

Lost Boys
Jeffrey C. Cabrera / Facebook

Jeffrey C. Cabrera was almost a brother in "The Lost Boys" with this hair.

Madonna Lookalike
Corine Powers Barton / Facebook

With her leather-and-lace outfit and spiked hair, Corine Powers Barton seemed to channel an early Madonna.

Totally '80s
Gabrielle Otlin LaRosa / Facebook

Gabrielle Otlin LaRosa stepped it up a notch by sharing this photo with '80s hair and '80s makeup. Blue eyeshadow, anyone?

Woah '80s
Bobbi Jo / Facebook

Bobbi Jo says it "doesn't get any better than this." We have to agree!

The '90s

Erin Woods
Erin Woods / Facebook

Erin Woods is still "LOL" at this early '90s style.

Side ponytail
Sarah VanderSchel Law / Facebook

The '90s were all about those side ponytails. How cute is Sarah VanderSchel Law in her pink scrunchie?

Stacy Reid
Stacy Reid / Facebook

"Oh those bangs!!" Stacy Reid remembers of this totally '90s hairstyle with her platinum blonde sister.

Sue Soares Johnson
Sue Soares Johnson / Facebook

Remember the puffy styles of the early '90s? So does Sue Soares Johnson. She posted this gem from 1993.