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A 'Good' look for Michelle Obama: First lady channels 'Good Wife' at SOTU

Image: Michelle Obama and "The Good Wife"
Andrea Mitchell / Twitter

While most eyes were on the president during Tuesday night's broadcast of the State of the Union address, Michelle Obama managed to steal a little of the spotlight for herself thanks to a fashion choice perfectly suited to political drama on the small screen.

In fact, the dress the first lady sported was already familiar to some viewers — not because it marked a fashion do-over for Obama, but because another famous wife wore it first.

First Lady Michelle Obama is applauded as she arrives for President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.Jim Watson / Today

"The Good Wife's" Julianna Margulies, who plays the title character Alicia Florrick, sported the very same tweed Michael Kors creation on the hit show.

When eagle-eyed fans of the show — including NBC News' own Andrea Mitchell — spotted the dress, they took to social media to share the double-take trivia.



While the dress marked a fashion win for both Obama and Margulies, it proved to be an even bigger win for designer Kors. Shortly after the event, the dress sold out in stores online.


This is hardly the first time the first lady has grabbed headlines for a striking SOTU look. Whether it be for her hair, her designer of choice or an eye-grabbing color, Obama's always had a knack for finding the right look at the right time.

The first lady has grabbed attention with a number of memorable looks at past State of the Union addresses, seen here from 2010 to 2013.Today

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