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Fashion Nova apologizes for T-shirt with pictures resembling California wildfires

The brand has since removed the shirt from its website.
Fashion Nova is apologizing for the incident.
Fashion Nova is apologizing for the incident.Fashion Nova
/ Source: TODAY

Shoppers aren't amused with Fashion Nova.

The trendy retailer is facing criticism for selling a T-shirt that offended survivors of recent California wildfires.

The shirt in question? A black tee with an image of a fiery blaze surrounded by the words "This must be paradise."

The disturbing image naturally upset many victims, especially those from Paradise, California, like Twitter user @JustifiedGamin who urged the brand to remove the shirt from its website.

"@FashionNova I would appreciate it if you would take down/discontinue your shirt 'this must be paradise' with an image of a burning building.. I was personally from that town and lost everything and I find it disrespectful. Please remove the shirt off your store... smh," he wrote.

Many shoppers shared the same sentiment.

And some Twitter users vowed to stop shopping at the online retailer.

According to the Los Angeles-based brand, the shirt was initially designed and sold in July 2018, and isn't connected to the devastating wildfires that killed more than 80 people in Paradise, California, last November.

A representative for the brand sent TODAY Style the following screenshot of an order made by a Fashion Nova customer in July 2018.

Fashion Nova initially designed and sold the shirt last summer, before the California wildfires.
Fashion Nova initially designed and sold the shirt last summer, before the California wildfires.Fashion Nova

Although the shirt wasn't intentionally connected to the Paradise wildfires, Fashion Nova regrets any pain it caused customers.

"We deeply apologize to anyone offended by the redistribution of the 'This Must Be Paradise Tee.' The graphic tee first went on sale July of 2018 and has no connection to Paradise, CA. The structure shown in the image is not a depiction of the town or any structure within the town of Paradise, CA. This is an unfortunate coincidence that we flagged immediately when the fires happened in November of 2018. At the time of the fires, the tee was pulled from our website completely," they wrote in a statement.

So how did the insensitive shirt end up back on the site recently after previously being removed? Fashion Nova says a technical error is to blame.

"Due to our return process, the tee was relisted on our website through automatic processing. We have since pulled the tee from our site and are taking preventative steps to ensure a mishap such as this does not happen again in the future," the brand wrote.

The brand also expressed love and pride for their home state of California: "California is our home. We see the heartbreaking impact these fires had, and continue to have, on our community every day. That is something we take very seriously. Our sincerest apologies and condolences go out to all the families, lives, and homes affected by the fires."

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