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These $408 shorts will make it look like you're breaking out in a rash

These spray-painted designer shorts look like a thigh rash.
Fashion designer Jacquemus designed a pair of matching shorts and pants with a print that resembles a skin rash.
Fashion designer Jacquemus designed a pair of matching shorts and pants with a print that resembles a skin rash. Jacquemus
/ Source: TODAY

Are rashes suddenly in style? Not quite, but a new pair of designer shorts certainly makes it appear that way.

French fashion designer Jacquemus recently released his Spring/Summer 2020 collection, and Instagram's resident fashion watchdog account, @diet_prada, couldn't help but notice that one pair of shorts seemed to resemble the unpleasant thigh rash lots of folks get in the hot, dog days of summer.

"@jacquemus thigh rash shorts... cop or drop? 🥴" the account captioned the post, and shared two side-by-side photos of the garment and a close-up view of a thigh rash.

Called "Le short Terraio" on Jacquemus' website, the cotton canvas shorts are described as having a spray-paint pattern and sell for $408. While the inspiration behind the shorts is still unclear — TODAY Style reached out to the brand and hasn't heard back — one thing's for sure: Instagram users have a lot of opinions about them.

Many @diet_prada followers, like @ah_reli, were quick to point out that rashes shouldn't be considered a fashion statement: "Skin issues are no joke. Horrible idea."

Those dealing with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis are all too familiar with redness and rashes, and they couldn't help but think the shorts were in poor taste.

"Honestly I know people who suffer from Dermatomyositis and get painful rehashes from just being out in the sun. It is a rare Disease with no cure. The fact that you would create these shorts just breaks my heart! Please reconsider, it really isn’t funny," @rosiemac65 wrote.

Whether the shorts were meant to look like rashes or not, many Instagram users were grossed out by them all the same. "Just looking at that makes me itchy," @hmsky wrote and @missclaireshayomg agreed: "I can’t unsee this now."

And most people agreed that they wouldn't spend $408 to look like they have a rash. "Lol I already have psoriasis. No thanks," @_saint.smith_ wrote.

Still a few Instagram users came to the brand's defense, and thought the shorts stood out in a good way.

"Hey at least they’re original," @catcherinthestyle wrote, while @mukuluu_ commented, "To me he is a genius, everything he makes is beyond beautiful ✨🙌🏽"

As it turns out, Jacquemus also has a matching pair of full-length pants, "Le pantalon Terraio," that retails for $486. So if you live in a colder climate, you can also get in on the look.

Jacquemus skin rash pants
Now you can look like you have a rash in the summer or winter. Jacquemus

The brand's Spring/Summer 2020 collection is filled with whimsical items, including this confusing pair of long shorts ($486) with an illusionist print.

We can't look away!Jacquemus

To each their own, right?

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