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Fans say JoJo Siwa is 'unrecognizable' after James Charles makeover

We definitely had to do a double take!
/ Source: TODAY

JoJo Siwa ditched her high ponytail and glitter to test out a new look this week, causing plenty of fans to comment that she looks nearly "unrecognizable."

The 17-year-old dancer revealed a makeover she received from beauty YouTuber James Charles that transformed her signature look, taking her out of her comfort zone.

“James, this is my dream and my nightmare at the same time,” Siwa told Charles to kick off the video, titled “Giving JoJo Siwa A FULL MAKEOVER,” on the James Charles YouTube channel.

“I have been asking JoJo to film a video with me for literally almost two years now," Charles explained. “For today’s video I'm giving JoJo a full-on makeover — no glitter, no rhinestones.”

Siwa explained that she doesn’t typically like anyone else doing her makeup besides herself and her hair is off-limits to just about everybody, which made for an interesting video!

The final look shocked fans with minimal amounts of glitter, no pops of color and her hair styled very differently than her signature pony with a bow.

JoJo Siwa makeover James Charles YouTube makeup
Jojo's new look!jamescharles / Instagram

Charles opted for a more neutral glam look for the 17-year-old with a winged out eye and plenty of highlighter to replace her sparkles. Charles did treat Siwa to a little surprise, using some gold glitter on the center of her eyelid to add some dimension to the eyeshadow. To finish off the look, he opted to style her hair with loose curls and a side part.

The moment of truth came at the end of the video and to everyone’s surprise, Siwa didn’t hate the look!

"I will say it's very pretty and you did a wonderful job on the hair and the makeup,” she explained. “The makeup is stunning. It's very pretty. It's obviously not me. You know how I showed up here in sparkles and bright pink and neon and rainbow but it is really pretty. You did an incredible job. If it was on any other human I’d be like ‘That human is the most stunning person in the whole world.’”

Siwa even joked that she "feels like a different version" of herself and dubbed the new look her full name: Joelle!

JoJo Siwa makeover James Charles YouTube
JoJo and James.jamescharles / Instagram

Fans were quick to praise the new look, while also commenting how different Siwa looked.

"I didn’t recognize her at first," one person wrote.

Another commented, "Omg she looks like a whole new person."