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Fake fuller lips with this easy makeup tutorial from the Ambush Makeover team!

Here's a simple trick from the TODAY Ambush Makeover team that anyone can try (and master!) at home.
/ Source: TODAY

As all TODAY fans know, the Ambush Makeover team makes magic every Thursday morning in barely any time at all. They change hair color, create gorgeous haircuts, redo wardrobes and do wonders with makeup in the time it takes most people to finish their morning cereal.

Louis Licari, Jill Martin and the entire team are truly experts, but some tricks are so simple, anyone can use them! This one-minute trick will make your lips look instantly fuller.

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Here's how to puff your pout from makeup artist Enid O:

Step 1: Apply lip balm with cinnamon oil to instantly stimulate and plump your lips. Blot off to allow the color to adhere.

Step 2: Apply lip liner over the entire lip. Yes, the whole thing! Trace just outside the top and bottom lines to mimic a larger lip.

Step 3: Add lipstick over the liner.

Step 4: Add gloss over the lipstick.

Step 5: Dab sheer eyeshadow into the center of the lips to finish.

And there you have it!