Fads over 50? Help for your hubby? Bobbie's style answers

It's always exciting to learn about the latest designs and hottest trends, but sometimes we all need a little help with the basics. TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas tackles some of your most common fashion dilemmas.Fashion after 50?I've received so many emails from women who are about to head back to school or back into the workforce and are wondering how they can feel a little more fashion forward without breaking the bank. The quick answer is to accessorize. Most of us have a plethora of basic jeans, skirts and button-downs that make for a perfect jumping off point. So rather than buy a "wear-it-once" trendy top, invest in a few colorful scarves, some sleek statement earrings or a modern jacket. You'll be able to reinvent these pieces time and time again. Plus, they can help you look pulled together, professional and stylish all at once.Help for your hubby?When it comes to fashion, men aren't always eager to update their wardrobes or try a new trend, so I often I hear from girlfriends, wives, mothers and sisters seeking advice.  My first recommendation is to take baby steps. You can suggest that he roll up a pant hem, toss on a scarf or mix things up when it comes to color. For example, subtle shades of brown and black paired together can look sophisticated and chic. Beyond reworking what's already in the closet, men can also scoop up a great statement-making jacket. For some it might be a leather motorcycle style, while others might opt for a utility jacket or blazer, but in any case, it will make a welcome addition to his usual uniform of jeans and a tee.How can you 'shine' during the day?With the holidays coming up, sparkle seems to be everywhere, from high fashion runways and red carpets to store windows and makeup counters. But as tantalizing as glitter and glitz can be, they can be a challenge to incorporate into your daytime or work wardrobe. Consider slipping into sequined separates rather than a dress, that way you balance your ensemble out with more structured pieces like tailored pants, a pencil skirt or a satchel. If you're going to work, also consider a low-key hairdo like a loose ponytail. It'll feel youthful and fresh instead of overdone and coifed.Do style and comfort need to be exclusive?All women want to look polished and feel comfortable, and this can be especially challenging for new moms. Thankfully, there are a few quick fixes that can help and require no additional shopping excursions. Next time you find yourself staring blankly at the closet, remember that opposites attract and that a few crisp items can sharpen up the look of the sweats you're dying to wear. Try a tailored button-down under a sweatshirt and add patent leather flats for extra polish. Another insider trick? Store casual clothes in the closet near more formal items; just seeing them near each other will help you envision countless new combinations.