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/ Source: TODAY
By Paola Songeur

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Gone are the days of roughing the mid-winter cold in a cute leather jacket: Thanks to Everlane, the lightweight heavy-duty puffer coat is what we’re searching for this season. This winter is about comfortable style and warmth.

With a new comfy line called ReNew, Everlane took an ethical approach to fashion, since the line is made almost entirely of recycled material (except for the zippers and trims, but they say they’re working on that, too).

The 8-piece collection racked up a 38,000-person waitlist and features sweaters, puffer jackets, and a parka, but our favorite piece might be the Puffy Puff coat. Made with a boxy, relaxed fit ideal for low temperatures but light enough to wear during those awkward transitional months, the Puffy Puff is also water-resistant, machine-washable and, importantly, very cute.

ReNew Puffy Puff Jacket, $160, Everlane

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The Puffy Puff, made of 32 renewed plastic bottles, is just the beginning. By 2021, Everlane intends to source all of its plastic materials to be used in-store and for packaging and products from pre-used recycled material.

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