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Eva Mendes reveals budget beauty secret: She gets her hair done at Supercuts!

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/ Source: TODAY

Think you can’t afford Hollywood-worthy locks? Think again.

Eva Mendes just proved that it’s possible to get beautiful hair on a budget.

On Monday, the actress and fashion entrepreneur shared a photo from her latest trip to the salon — and we’re not talking about a high-end hot spot.

“Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into (Supercuts) every once in a while,” she wrote, adding “Y que?!” That's Spanish for “so what?!”

But we say it's so good — at least for anyone who’s ever been inspired by her picture-perfect hairstyles.

Eva Mendes and partner Ryan Gosling attend "The Place Beyond the Pines" film premiere in New York City.Shutterstock

The selfie she shared from the affordable salon showed Mendes in the middle of getting her glam on — wearing a black smock with the chain’s name emblazoned across the front and showing off her still-wet long layers.

The comments that followed from her fans cheered the 45-year-old for her “realness,” “humbleness” and “frugal” approach to beauty.

“This makes me love you even more!!!” one wrote.

Alexander Tamargo / FilmMagic

Another fan and fellow Supercuts customer told her the franchise is “great for a trim and quick layer,” to which Mendes responded, “Totally, And great for a quick wash and dry!”

But a couple of commenters took issue with what she said in her post — sort of.

“NOT COOL!” one complained. “Why!? Why do you continue to prove that you are a down to Earth human being who embodies the meaning of being an angle on Earth!?”

Lester Cohen / WireImage

And another took the star to task for claiming her salon shot was taken at “a terrible angle,” writing, “EXCUSE ME BUT YOUR FACE HAS NO TERRIBLE ANGLES HOW DARE YOU.”

There's no arguing with that kind of critique!