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Engagement ring slips from man’s hands, falls in water

A man proposing to his girlfriend accidentally dropped the ring into the water in Des Moines, Washington. "It was beautiful, from what I saw," his fiancée says. They are hoping a diver can retrieve it.
/ Source: KING5

Maybe it was his nerves. Or maybe it was the cold weather.

Whatever it was, Travis Pittman, a Web producer at KING 5 News, proposed to his girlfriend while standing on a Washington pier near the Des Moines Marina Saturday night, but accidentally dropped the ring into the Puget Sound.

"I'm prepared for the fact it may not get found," Pittman said Sunday morning. The ring was a beautiful half-carat diamond set on a 14-carat white gold band with tiny diamonds inside it.

Up until that moment, it was the perfect evening. Pittman brought his girlfriend, now fiancee, Kim Hopper, to the edge of the pier. He told her that he wanted to get a really nice ring but did not have the money. Then he asked her to marry him and pulled out a surprise ring after she said "yes."

"From what I could tell, she really liked it," Pittman said. "I take her hand and I start putting the ring on it, and then it slips and lands right next to her foot."

"It was beautiful, from what I saw," Hopper said with a laugh.

Pittman thought the ring landed right by Hopper's shoe, so he got down on his hands and knees to look for it. But he couldn't find it.

"Within 45 seconds, I went from the nervousness of proposing to the jubilation of hearing 'yes' to the panic of realizing this moment just ended up in polluted saltwater," he wrote. "It had to have taken just a bizarre, bizarre bounce."

They hope the ring is still sitting on the floor of the Puget Sound. But they're afraid a fish could have grabbed it. "I shudder to think that I may be engaged to a salmon," he wrote.

At least one diver has already come forward, offering to help them locate the ring with an underwater metal detector. But that diver was in Texas Sunday and needed to find friends in Washington to help with the search.

Sadly, Pittman had not yet insured the ring. He was going to wait until after the proposal.

What's the lesson in all of this? "Don't propose anywhere near water," Hopper said.

Still, they plan to get married — with or without that specific ring. If necessary, Pittman will save up to buy another one.

"I really hope someone can find it," Hopper said. "I'm hopeful, but I'm trying not to be too hopeful because I don't want to be disappointed either."

Pittman said Sunday afternoon that a scuba diver has offered to search with an underwater metal detector.

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