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This crazy, viral haircut video is absolutely mesmerizing

The amazing haircut video is going viral on Instagram, and you'll probably want to watch it again and again!
/ Source: TODAY

Who knew a haircut could be so mesmerizing?

A video of hairstylist cutting a woman’s hair has gone viral on Instagram, with more than 1.2 million views, and after watching it, we can definitely see why.

In the short clip, Emre Ayaksiz, a self-described “hair designer” based in Istanbul, completely transforms a client’s long, blond strands. Instead of using scissors to chop across the bottom, as you’d expect, he uses electric clippers to shear a perfect, diagonal line down her back.

He does it all in one take, and it’s flawless.

Eventually, he evens out the diagonal cut so that the woman’s hair falls symmetrically across her back in a wavy lob, but we still can’t stop watching that first, daring chop. It’s unclear if the diagonal cut affected the end result, but it definitely adds drama.

There’s just something oddly soothing about watching scissors or clippers cut a pristine line across pin-straight hair, and Ayaksiz seems to get the appeal.

He has posted similar videos on his Instagram page, including this clip of sleek, auburn hair being perfectly chopped. It may not be as mind-blowing as the diagonal cut, but it’s hypnotizing all the same.

This clip of Ayaksiz cutting wavy, brown hair has also been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

Then there’s this flawless, blunt bob he casually chopped with scissors, apparently all in one take. No big deal.

We’ll just have these on loop for the next hour!