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Fitness star on the 1 beauty 'flaw' she loves the most

Emily Skye is a famous fitness personality, but even she deals with insecurities.
/ Source: TODAY

Emily Skye, 32, is a powerful force in the fitness world — she has millions of followers and inspires people around the world to get healthy and active. To a lot of people she looks perfect, but she wants everyone to know she's not — and that is what she loves most about herself.

My imperfections are what make me unique and beautiful — and I love them.

When I was in school I was teased about my eyes and girls would call me "googles" and "frog eyes.” They'd make frog noises and laugh at me when I walked by. I ended up hating my eyes and tried to hide them under sunglasses and hats.

I was also teased about being too skinny. I was called many names and hated it. Nasty comments from girls at school only added to my existing insecurities and depression. I wanted to fit in and I thought that meant being the same as other people, so I would try to copy them in the hopes of being accepted.

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As I got older, I learned it’s how you view yourself that matters, not other people's opinions. I grew to love my eyes. I realized that my eyes are the only eyes like this in the whole world and that's pretty cool!

I also discovered health and fitness, which helped me to realize that building muscle would make me feel strong and fit, but also happier and more confident than ever.

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Remember, perfection doesn't exist. What you may see as "flaws" are what make you unique and amazing. Unfortunately, people will always judge and criticize, but the most important thing is to embrace who you are and love yourself for being imperfect and different!

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