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Emily and Lamar

Reston, Virginia

About the bride: Emily is a Certified Public Accountant and mother to 4-year-old Kayla. At 26, Emily considers herself caring, dependable and hardworking.

About the groom: Lamar is also 26 and works as a physical therapist and personal trainer. The most fulfilling thing in life for Lamar is having an impact on others.

Time together: Three years

Why he’s the one: “He makes me smile more each day. My daughter adores him — when I saw his love for my little girl, I knew he was for me — she knows me too well!” Why she’s the one: “I knew she was the one when we decided to see other people for a brief period, but I could not stop thinking about Emily. She has been a great supporter, friend and companion since the first day I met her.”

Emily and Lamar’s love story began three years ago at Emily’s 23rd birthday party. A mutual friend brought them together and, according to Lamar, the first time he laid eyes on Emily, he was stunned by her. While they didn’t exchange phone numbers that night, it was a coincidental run-in a few days later that led them to believe fate had stepped in. The couple began dating soon after and, with the exception of a brief break, the two D.C.-area natives have been together ever since. Their love continues to grow, and Lamar makes Emily smile more each day.

There was, however, a third party who gave Emily the green light to continue fostering her already loving relationship with Lamar. Emily’s delightful and adorable 4-year-old daughter, Kayla, warmed up to Lamar immediately and seeing their relationship develop and their bond with one another grow has reinforced Emily’s feeling that Lamar is, in fact, the one.

Their sweet relationship became that much more delicious when Lamar popped the question at a restaurant in Las Vegas, complete with Emily's favorite ... chocolate cake. With tears running down her face, Emily found herself speechless, unable to utter anything but “Lamar Brandon Frasier.” Needless to say, Emily’s answer was yes.

With wedding plans up in the air, one thing is for sure — they already have the perfect flower girl to accompany their perfect love.