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Edible nail polish might be the answer for nail biters

Using fruits and vegetables as its base, a new company is making it safe for kids (and adult) nail biters.
/ Source: TODAY

Nail biters, this one's for you. If you're sick of not being able to keep a manicure or don't even think it's worth painting your own nails because you'll just bite the polish right off, we hear you loud and clear.

And we just might have some good news. Edible nail polish is now officially a thing. We're not talking about that nasty-tasting sour stuff to help you stop biting your nails; This is actual nail polish with beautiful, vibrant color that you can bite again and again. And the organic and vegan product won't have serious side effects for your health. It's fine, you can thank us later!

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Kid Licks is the latest product to hit the market that's free of chemicals like formaldehyde often found in regular nail polish. But we know what you're thinking right now: You've heard of water-based polishes or formulas that are safe to use during pregnancy and this is nothing new. Except this is actually the first to use fruits and vegetables as its base. Beets, barley grass, oranges and carrots all find their ways into Kid Licks polish. (We knew beets had to be used for something.)

Instead of chemicals, Kid Licks uses ingredients like acacia, corn starch and citric acid to add color. It claims to be all natural, so you can have fabulous-looking hands without toxic additives. And to remove Kid Licks polish, all it takes is a little water and some rubbing. So while you'll no longer need icky-smelling remover, washing your hands or showering will instantly wash it away.

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While it's marketed towards kids and their need to stick just about anything and everything in their mouth, it can also be a fun alternative for nail-biting adults or those looking to try something fun and temporary.