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Is the economy curtailing your shopping habit?

How often have you yelled, "I have nothing to wear," when staring directly at an overflowing closet? With the economy wrecking havoc on budgets all across America, TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas explains how you can save money without sacrificing your stylish edge.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

How often have you yelled, "I have nothing to wear," when staring directly at an overflowing closet? Rather than yearning for the hottest must-haves, it's time to work with what you already have. While the current economy offers plenty of motivation to break your retail routine, it's never a bad time to revisit your hidden treasures. Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, explains how you can save money without sacrificing your stylish edge.

Reuse seasonal itemsQ: "Bobbie can you help me? I'm on a budget and stuck in transition. Is there anything I can bring from my summer wardrobe into the fall?" — Carolyn in MassachusettsA: Yes, you can make your wardrobe work year-round. A summer dress and everyday fall cardigan should be paired together — it’s all about mixing and matching your summer pieces with your winter wardrobe. Layer cozy sweaters over soft, flowy frocks to pull together a chic, modern bohemian combination. Add interest with texture (cable knits) and belt cardigans to create an hourglass shape. Heavy accessories like leather boots and winter tights will compliment lightweight pieces by adding contrast.

In addition, consider one of my secret styling tips: Pick the deepest colors from a floral pattern and pair them with chocolate brown, charcoal, or black, rather than ivory or beige. This simple move will bring out a warm fall feel.

Rethink your classicsQ: "Bobbie, my closet if filled with boring, conservative clothes for work. I feel like I never have anything to wear and can't afford to shop for "trendy" things, but still want to feel stylish." — Sue in New YorkA: Sue, you are not alone. Many women are guilty of mentally separating their professional and personal styles. It is possible to find balance and blend your look with basic key pieces. The good news is, they have never been more en vogue. For example, the blazer is not only fall's biggest must-have, but it will be carrying over into spring fashion as well. Make this work staple a weekend favorite by pairing it with more casual items on your days off. A polished jacket takes on a whole new look when you fold the cuffs, scrunch your sleeves up, and wear it with a loose fitting unisex T-shirt and relaxed jean.

If you're looking for a quick styling tip, try mixing your gold and silver necklaces for a fun and effortless statement that won't feel boring in the least.Reinvent with accents
"Bobbie, I really need your help. I'm looking at my clothes right now, and I want to update them from basic to what's in style. Can you help me?" — Sharon in MichiganA: My favorite way to transform a look is with accessories. Take the little black dress — add a few key details and you're bound to stand out. Accessories are one-size-fits-all, so consider swapping with friends.

Add a splash of print with a scarf, or try braiding together a few silk scarves. You can use a long chain necklace as a belt, or wear two thin belts together! No matter what you do, don’t be afraid to mix colors or patterns. A textured pair of tights paired with bold beauty elements like dark nails, smoky eyes, or berry lips, can instantly help any ensemble look fashion-forward.