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Dylan Dreyer went dumpster diving after husband accidentally threw out her shoes

They might not be the same shoes, but they have been saved!
/ Source: TODAY

On the one hand, it's lovely that Dylan Dreyer's husband, Brian Fichera, is into cleaning up around the house. But when he threw away a bag of shoes she was planning to bring into work, the TODAY meteorologist had to take action.

And based on a hilarious clip she posted to Instagram Wednesday, that meant dumpster diving (or at least trash compactor diving) during the wee hours of the morning:

"Don’t get me wrong, I like dumpster diving as much as the next guy...just not at 5am!" she wrote in a caption. "One side of me appreciates (Brian's) ambition of cleaning up last night and throwing out the trash...just not when it’s actually a bag of shoes that I was bringing to work! I got it back though!!"

Next to the bag — which contains glimpses of some other items, too — stand two similar, but not identical, beige heels. (We're gonna hope their mates are in the bag, not the dumpster.)

Dylan Dreyer, who has recovered at least half of two pairs of shoes.NBC

Dylan explained the whole ordeal Wednesday on TODAY, noting that she'd put her bag of her best "news shoes" near the door the night before to take it to work the next day.

Then Brian took out the trash. In fact, as she noted, "He actually threw a dirty diaper in the bag and took the whole bag out."

In order to rescue her shoes, Dylan had to race downstairs and find the building's maintenance employee. "It's a trash compactor," she said he pointed out. "It compacts trash immediately."

Fortunately, she had a stroke of luck: the maintenance man had forgotten to press the button that would have compacted the waste, and she was able to go rummaging for her lost treasure.

"Brian did say, 'The way you reacted, I thought I threw out Dorothy's ruby slippers,'" she chuckled.

Throwing things out is quite the fad these days, but for most it's a purposeful thing. On Tuesday, Natalie Morales posted a video of all the white T-shirts she's getting rid of, as well as a newly-Marie Kondo-ized drawer.

Dylan and Brian don't seem to be on a Kondo kick yet, but we bet he'll be clearing any bags of garments with her before tossing them in the future!