Dylan Dreyer shared the 1 product she uses to unwind, and it's only $4

Hint: It smells like eucalyptus!
/ Source: TODAY
By Kayla Boyd

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The first rule of great skin care? Wash your face before bed!

The anchors of the 3rd hour of TODAY recently shared the ways they wind down after a long day — and Dylan Dreyer shared that she sticks to that rule religiously!

"It's relaxing ... I know my day is winding down when I get to wash my face and take all the makeup off," Dylan said on the show.

The key ingredient to Dylan's nighttime routine is an affordable drugstore cleanser from Noxzema.

Noxzema Classic Clean Cleanser, $4, Walmart

You can also buy it in bulk on Amazon so you don't have to worry about restocking for a while.

"The end of my day is most relaxing when I use Noxema face wash," Dylan said.

I personally have used Noxema over the years and agree that it's great for removing makeup. It also has a strong eucalyptus scent to help you de-stress.

According to the manufacturer, the face wash deep cleanses without overdrying your skin. It removes dirt and oil and leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

Another item that Dreyer uses "if you want to step it up a notch" is a lavender pillow spray. "Whatever makes it feel like a spa," she said of turning her bedroom into a sanctuary.

Eunoia Naturals RELAX Lavender & Chamomile Pillow Spray, $23, Amazon

This spray is a calming aromatherapy mist. It can help you rest at night by calming your mind and relieving stress.

We feel more relaxed already. Thanks, Dylan!

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