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Dylan Dreyer reveals her love of housecoats with epic throwback photos

In case you had any question what a housecoat was, Dylan Dreyer is here to show you.
/ Source: TODAY

In case you had any question what a housecoat was, Dylan Dreyer is here to show you.

TODAY’s meteorologist first mentioned the article of clothing in a nostalgic Instagram post where she posed with an old friend, remarking on how far they've come in life having gone from watching "South Park" during the holidays to wearing housecoats.

But the photo’s comments quickly turned to the discussion of what a housecoat actually is. And Sheinelle Jones, co-host of Weekend TODAY, was right among those questioning it.

“Lol What is a housecoat? Should I get one?” Jones wrote in the comments, sounding intrigued.

TODAY producer Brittany Haviland also chimed in: “And like, do you have to change the coat pending which house you’re in?”

For many of Dylan’s followers, though, the mention of housecoats seemed to bring back sweet memories.

“My grandmothers were committed housecoat wearers!” @timberledge added. “As kids we always asked why on earth do you need a coat in the house?? Isn’t it a robe? Thanks for the chuckle!”

To clear things up for those who didn’t know, Dylan posted a series of throwback photos from her childhood where she’s wearing the article of clothing, which is similar to a robe.

And it turns out, Dylan had quite the collection!

In one teenage photo, she’s posed in front of the Christmas tree wearing a housecoat printed in a funky navy, orange and red graphic design.

She also included a couple of other shots where she’s wearing different-colored ones while posed on the stairs with her brothers.

But one of the most standout (in our opinion) housecoats pictured is in the last photo of the series where she pays homage to Mrs. Claus. She and her husband, Brian Fichera, definitely look like they’re in the Christmas spirit!

“Now tell me they’re not fabulous,” she wrote about the housecoats.

We have to agree, Dylan! BRB, putting one on our Christmas wish list right now!