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Dylan Dreyer and her husband have sparked a heated debate over socks and shoes

If you thought putting on socks and shoes was simple, don't ask Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera.
Mister Rogers
How would Mister Rogers put on his shoes?Gene J. Puskar / AP
/ Source: TODAY

Another debate with the potential to break up friendships and marriages has hit the internet, and it will make you think twice when you get dressed in the morning. This time, we're not debating the color of a dress or which direction we stand in the shower. We're getting to the very core of something crucial: the order in which we put on our socks and shoes.

You can thank TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera, for sparking this life-changing #socksockshoeshoe or #sockshoesockshoe debate on Instagram yesterday.

Wile watching "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" with son, Calvin, the couple discovered they have fundamentally different ways of putting on their footwear. Turns out, Dylan likes to put on one sock, then one shoe, and repeat on the other side (#sockshoesockshoe), while her husband prefers to put on both socks first, then both shoes (#socksockshoeshoe).

Fichera took to Instagram to solve their debate once and for all, captioning the post with a call to start the debate. Adding a reference to his wife's packing style and tagging TODAY co-anchor Sheinelle Jones.

And Instagram users seem to have some pretty strong opinions about their footwear order. Since posing the question to his followers, Brian has received more than 700 comments.

Some Instagram users are shocked in general by the debate, with @sarahelizabetho75 commenting, "Whoa I’ve never seen a sock shoe sock shoer.... I knew it @dylandreyernbc must be a [alien emoji] now We just need to find the pool#cacoon"

Meanwhile, others are arguing that Dylan is spot-on with her method. @reslerhannah said, "Def sock, shoe, sock, shoe! @dylandreyernbc, myself and all other sock, shoe, sock, shoe people are efficient and obviously gifted! Some day others will learn to follow our example."

Some of his followers are consulting their coworkers on the debate, too, with @debbygbrown writing, "My office poll: 10 to 3 in favor of the sock-sock-shoe-shoe. But for the record, I'm with Dylan."

Others are referencing pop culture to solve the debate. @mtbikjoe said, "Finish one job at a time. Sock sock! Archie Bunker and Mike (meathead) got into this argument, it was a funny routine."

And some users are having fun with the conversation, with @elbiddulph writing, "#socksockshoeshoe At least neither of you are trying shoe, shoe, sock, sock. Then you would really have a problem!"

Fichera later consulted Instagram to solve yet another shoe debate using the hashtags #shoeshoetietie and #shoetieshoetie. Turns out he puts both shoes on then ties them each, but Dylan prefers to put one shoe on (and tie them) at a time.

We may never know if there's a true "winner" here, but one thing's for sure: Dylan and Brian are pros at making us laugh.

This story was originally published on Aug. 29, 2018.