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Dwayne Johnson rocked his signature turtleneck look on red carpet — see the pics

The '90s called! The actor revisited a classic style for the TIME 100 Gala.
/ Source: TODAY

What’s old is new again for Dwayne Johnson.

The superstar showed up at the TIME 100 celebration Tuesday night in New York City with a turtleneck that harkens back to a similar look he wore in the ‘90s.

2019 Time 100 Gala
Dwayne Johnson, sporting a turtleneck, attends the 2019 TIME 100 Gala on April 23, 2019, in New York City.Getty Images

The “San Andreas” star has poked fun at his fashion choice before. Back in 2014, he posted a photo on Instagram of himself rocking a turtleneck in the ‘90s, complete with a gold chain and fanny pack.

“Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level...,” he wrote.

He even posted it again in 2017 when he re-created the look for a guest hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live.”

“When I took this iconic absurdity of a picture in 1996 I was one year removed from sleeping on a used mattress I took from a garbage dumpster in the back of an hourly sex motel,” he wrote. “Couldn’t afford to buy a bed so we do what we gotta do to get by.”

In true Johnson fashion, he used the photo as a reminder for people to persevere in their own lives.

“If you’re going thru your own tough times ‘used mattress’ stage, do your best to have faith things’ll get better and always be willing to outwork your competition because you never know where life is gonna take you.”

Johnson, 46, was among the honorees at the TIME 100 event, which names the most influential people in the world.

2019 Time 100 Gala
Dwayne Johnson wore a turtleneck, one of his signature looks, at the 2019 TIME 100 Gala.Getty Images

The actor gave a toast at Tuesday night’s ceremony and made sure to salute his fans.

“I want to toast to the ones in the seats,” he said. “And those are the ones who I felt like I’ve lived their life for many, many years, I’ve been in their shoes. ... And now I get to be the guy, so blessed and so lucky ... that people all around the world will now go sit in the seats and watch me.”

“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot, who will appear with Johnson in the upcoming film “Red Notice,” also gushed about the actor in a short essay she wrote for TIME.

“Dwayne is someone who believes the sky is the limit and will go above and beyond to make sure he gives 100% every single day, whether he is at the gym, working with his charity (the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation), being with his family and friends, or working on a new project,” she wrote.